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RV TOWING SOLUTIONS supply unique products catering for the towing needs of caravaners, boaters, camper trailers etc.


About Our Secure-A-Hitch Products

For years caravanners, campers & boaters have been putting up with the annoying issue of loose and rattling tow bars.

The SECURE-A-HITCH anti-rattle tow hitch replaces your existing hitch. This hitch comes complete with our unique patented anti-rattle wedge insert. When fitted to your receiver and the pin installed, all movement between the tongue and receiver will be eliminated when tightening the tension bolt.

The towing load capacity of the Secure-a-Hitch is 2500kgs.

Secure-A-Hitch (Towbar and towball not included)

This hitch is available in various sizes and drops and will suit most vehicles with a 50mm receiver.
Also available is a pin replacement kit for those vehicles using hitches with solid tongues. This pin replacement kit is easily installed with only minimal modification required.

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Clearview Accessories (formerly known as Clearview Towing Mirrors)

3 Frog Court, Craigieburn, VIC. Phone: 03 8351 9933

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PLEASE NOTE:  The Secure-a-Hitch is not available from all our dealers.  Please contact RV Towing Solutions for orders or enquiries or order online.

Please note:  The Secure-A-Hitch cannot be delivered to a PO Box or Post Office.

200 x 70 drop – $60.00

$60.00 + Freight

200 x 100 drop – $60.00

$60.00 + Freight

200 x 120 drop – $65.00

$65.00 + Freight

Secure-A-Hitch Pin Replacement Kit

This pin replacement kit is designed to replace the loose pin in all solid shaft weight distribution hitches. When fitted it eliminates all movement between the hitch and the receiver. This pin replacement kit is easily installed with only minimal modification required.

Please Note: This kit is not suitable for current series Ford Ranger or 200 Series Landcruiser.

Secure-A-Hitch Pin Replacement Kit





$30.00 plus $12.00 freight charge

$30.00 + Freight

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