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RV TOWING SOLUTIONS supply unique products catering for the towing needs of caravaners, boaters, camper trailers etc.

Rock Tamer spare parts


Please note: The Rock Tamers spare parts cannot be delivered to a PO Box or Post Office.

Please note: If delivery is to be to the Northern Territory, please select appropriate drop down box where “Australia Wide” is not showing.

RT017 – Flap End Cap

$3.00 + Freight

RT018 *KIT* – Flap Retainer Bolt

$5.00 + Freight

RT022 – Mudflap to suit stainless steel trim plate ( Model RT108 as shown in diagram above)

$60.00 + Freight

RT023 *KIT* – Flap Clamp Bolt

$12.50 + Freight

RT028 – Trim Plate

$25.00 + Freight

RT034 – Centre Hub/ Matte black finish

$40.00 + Freight

RT035 *KIT* – Ball Mount Clamp Bolts

$12.00 + Freight

RT039 (right) RT040 (left) – Hub Arm (right – drivers side, left – passenger side)

$40.00 + Freight

RT041 *KIT* – Arm Clamp bolt

$8.00 + Freight

RT042 *KIT* – Arm pivot bolt

$10.00 + Freight

RT045 – Flap Support Rod (Stainless sleeved)

$50.00 + Freight

RT045A – Flap Support Rod (Black Sleeved)

$40.00 + Freight

RT046 – Rod End Cap

$8.00 + Freight

RT048 – Flap Clamp/ Matte Black Finish

$30.00 + Freight

RT049 – Trim Plate Bolt

$10.00 + Freight

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