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RV TOWING SOLUTIONS supply unique products catering for the towing needs of caravaners, boaters, camper trailers etc.

Rock Tamer Accessories

Rock Tamer Exhaust Outlet

Rock Tamers Exhaust Outlet –  An add-on mudflap accessory item that allows hot exhaust gases to flow through the mudflap.  Designed to keep rubber mudflaps from overheating when used on vehicles with rear facing exhaust systems (factory as well as aftermarket).

  • Allows for closer installation of the Rock Tamers Mudflap System to your tail pipe(s) by providing a flow-through for hot exhaust gases
  • Simple 2 piece design screws together with the included screws to give you a professional, functional and finished look
  • Grid design provides protection from small debris
  • Straight forward installation and versatile positioning allows for customisation to your specific requirements –  the exhaust outlet can be mounted anywhere on your mudflap
  • Comes complete with 2 exhaust outlets, chisel tool (for cutting the hole in your flap) and handy template
  • Complete installation instruction included

Rock Tamer Exhaust outlet come in a pack of 2 outlets. Cost is $60.00 per pack + $12 freight.

$60.00 + Freight


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