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Qwiklift Weight Distribution Hitch, Shanks & Sway Controls

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 Qwiklift WDH

 Free freight to Metro areas in Sydney, ACT, Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide

The Qwiklift range of weight distribution hitches include bolt together tow ball mounts that are completely adjustable for changing tow ball heights and angles to suit different applications. The universal sway control mounting facility is already provided for, should you later require a sway control kit for additional towing comfort and safety. All necessary parts come with each hitch including hook-up brackets, spring bars, chains, tow ball mount, hitch pin, clip and bolt package for adjusting your hitch.

Designed with ease of operation in mind, the Qwiklift Weight Distribution Hitch has high grade machine tapered round spring steel bars and is available in a 600 or 800 Series.  Both kits include a Hi/Low shank. If different size shank is needed (as listed below) please contact the office for more details.

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Qwiklift Weight Distribution Hitch

The sizes of the Qwiklift are as follows:

  • 600 series tows up to 2723kg or 272kg on the ball – $475.00 includes Hi/Low shank. (Including GST)
  • 800 series tows up to 3500kg or 363kg on the ball – $475.00 includes Hi/Low shank (Including GST)

*  Lifetime warranty against product failure (excludes normal wear).

*  Factory manufactured ball mount with 7/8″” hole. (no reduction bushes used).

*  ADR 62/01 Compliant

* Quick Installation

* Quick height adjustment

* Quick angle adjustment

*  Stamped in kg”s not lb”s.

* Full range of spare parts

TIP – Do not overload any part of your towing system. Consult the vehicle manual for towing recommendations and limitations.

  • Adjustable tow ball mount height positions
  • Adjustable tow ball mount angles
  • Easy assembly and installation
  • Tested in Australia and compliant with Australian Standards
  • Manufactured from high grade materials


When towing using weight distribution hitches, there are a few important rules that must be adhered to.

  • Weight distribution hitches are designed to make towing safe on the open road. It is very important to remove spring bars and sway controls before attempting to position your van onto van park sites. These systems are not designed to get into jack knife situations as it puts excessive strain on the components and can lead to failure.
  • Even with spring bars detached, avoid jack knife situations as the weight distribution hitch heads are wider, higher and lower than the standard ball mounts and there is a greater chance of the weight distribution hitch head coming into contact with the “A” Frame and chain attachment causing damage to the “A” Frame and head.
  • Maintenance of your weight distribution hitch is also very important. Always keep the spring bars well-greased to avoid premature wear particularly the spring bar retainer clips.
  • Regularly check tension on bolts etc to maintain good operation.

Failure to adhere to these rules can impact on the product warranty as damage caused by neglect or misuse is not covered.

Qwiklift 600 Series and Hi/Low Shank $475.00

$475.00 + Freight

Qwiklift 800 Series and Hi/Low Shank $475.00

$475.00 + Freight

**Remote Areas** – Please phone office for a quote on freight

Please Note: Goods cannot be delivered to a P.O. Box or Post Office


Used in either the high or low position to match the tow ball mount to any coupler height. Long hi-low shanks provide the extra length sometimes needed to obtain clearance from bumper interference.

Please note shanks are sold separately


Our shanks are manufactured with small radius corners which are suitable for the majority of towbars.

However there are some vehicles (for example Jeep Grande Cherokee and MUX etc) with a larger radius internal corner. These vehicles may require the corners of the shank to have a small amount ground or filed off to suit. We have opted for this style to achieve a better and more snug fit eliminating excessive movement.

PLEASE NOTE:  There is a 10% cancellation fee if order is cancelled once it has left our warehouse.


  • 10″ standard hi/low $110.00
  • 8½” standard hi/low $105.00
  • 10″ extra hi/low $120.00
  • 10″ extra low $130.00

Please note: All our shanks with the exception of the extra low will have three holes as per diagram below.

Various shanks

8½” Standard Hi/Low Shank $105.00  

$105.00 + Freight

10″ Standard Hi/Low Shank $110.00

$110.00 + Freight

10″ Extra Hi/Low Shank $120.00

$120.00 + Freight

10″ Extra Low Shank $130.00

$130.00 + Freight

**Remote Areas** – Please phone office for a quote on freight

Please Note: Goods cannot be delivered to a P.O. Box or Post Office

Sway Control

The Qwiklift screw on sway controls minimize the sway caused from passing trucks and sudden gusts of wind. Its double friction disc brake principle enables it to constantly reduce the sway and hence improves vehicle handling.

Note: Vehicles over 24’ may require two sway controls.

Qwiklift Sway Control

Sway Bolt on Bracket

  • This non-weld sway control ball bracket makes fitting a sway control device so much easier, no welding required
  • Made from 8mm thick steel
  • Powder coated for corrosion resistance
  • Laser cut for accuracy
  • 2 Ball platform width sizes available, 65mm and 75mm
  • Suits all 16mm sway control ball holes and 22mm tow ball holes

Sway Control Universal (left or right hand) and Sway Control Ball Bracket $99.00

$99.00 + Freight

**Remote Areas** – Please phone office for a quote on freight

Please Note: Goods cannot be delivered to a P.O. Box or Post Office

30mm Qwiklift Sway Control Chrome Ball $15.00 (Free freight to Metropolitan Areas Only)

QWIKLIFT Chrome ball to suit sway control

$15.00 + Free freight to Metropolitan Areas Only

**Country & Remote Areas** – Please phone office for a quote on freight

Qwiklift spare parts & accessories

Qwiklift WDH standard head $150.00 (plus freight)

Qwiklift WDH standard head

$150.00 + Freight

**Remote Areas** – Please phone office for a quote on freight

Qwiklift Offset WDH Head $190.00 (plus freight)

This special offset head eliminates excess movement of A-frame brackets when using McHitch Uniglide and other offroad couplings that require offset adaptor brackets when fitted to WDH’s.

This head is also interchangeable with Eaz-Lift and other similar WDH’s.


$190.00 + Freight

**Remote Areas** – Please phone office for a quote on freight

Qwiklift spring bars to suit weight distribution hitch from $80.00 per bar (plus freight)

Spring Bars

Available in 2 sizes –

600 Series (tow up to 2723kg) – $80.00 plus freight

$80.00 + Freight

800 Series (tow up to 3500kg) – $90.00 plus freight

$90.00 + Freight

**Remote Areas** – Please phone office for a quote on freight

Qwiklift Universal A-Frame bracket to suit all 4″ & 6″ A-frames $40.00 each

A frame bracket

$25.00 + Freight

**Remote Areas** – Please phone office for a quote on freight

Qwiklift Drop on Slider Brackets $45.00 each (plus freight)

These A-frame brackets drop on standard 50mm wide A-frames and are designed to move more freely than standard clamp on brackets.

These brackets are used to allow excess movement on the A-frame when using McHitch Uniglide and other offroad couplings (that require offset adaptor brackets) on Hayman Reece or similar WDH’s.

These brackets can also be used on standard systems and can be clamped if necessary.

This slider bracket is easily removed for storage when not in use.

QWIKLIFT Slider Bracket

$45.00 + Freight

**Remote Areas** – Please phone office for a quote on freight

Qwiklift Head bolt kit $50.00 (including freight)

Qwiklift head bolt kit

Kit contains:

2 x ¾ x 4½ hex bolts, 2 x ¾ locknuts and 2 x ¾ coned washers

$50.00 Including freight

Qwiklift hitch pin and R-clip $10.00 (including freight)

Hitch pin and R clip

$10.00 Including Freight

Qwiklift Spring bar retainer clips $25.00 (including freight)


$25.00 including freight

Please Note: All products on this page cannot be delivered to a P.O. Box or Post Office

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