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RV TOWING SOLUTIONS supply unique products catering for the towing needs of caravaners, boaters, camper trailers etc.

D/Bow Shackles

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Our Christmas Closure will be from Lunchtime on Friday 22nd of December re-opening on the 15th of January 2018. Any orders received in this time will be processed on our return.

Rated D/Bow Shackles

D-Bow Shackle

Shackle Matrix

Nominal Shackle Size (mm) Work Load (kg)        Lifting Only Break Load (kg) Quality Grade Marking
10 1000 6004 “S” or “6”
11 1500 9001 “S” or “6”
13 2000 12040 “S” or “6”

As per QLD towing regulations 09/2014 ( Toughest in Australia)

  • 10mm WLL 1T D/Bow rated to ATM of 1kg-1600kg
  • 11mm WLL 1.5T D/Bow rated to ATM of 1kg -2500kg
  • 13mm WLL 2T D/Bow rated to ATM of 1kg- 3500kg
  • Over 2T you must have two efficiently rated chains with separate d or bow shackles
  • D or Bow Shackles must be stamped and rated
  • Pin diameter of shackle will be greater than the diameter of the main shackle body
  • Stainless shackles are unsuitable for trailer due to the materials general low resistance to bending stress

Shackle size 10mm – tows up to 1600kg

$5.00 Including postage

Shackle size 11mm – tows up to 2500kg

$7.50 Including Postage

Shackle size 13mm – tows up to 3500kg

$10.00 Including Postage

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