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RV Towing Solutions

RV TOWING SOLUTIONS supply unique products catering for the towing needs of caravaners, boaters, camper trailers etc.

Clearview Towing Mirrors

Clearview Towing Mirrors

Clearview towing mirrors are Australia’s own full replacement towing mirror, especially designed for towing caravans, boats and large trailers.

The mirrors are electric the same as your existing mirrors, however, if your mirrors fold in electrically you will lose this function with the Clearview mirrors.

Clearview mirrors now have a wide range of added features fitted to them including indicators, heating, blind spot monitors etc. please phone the office for a quote.

Please Note: If your current vehicle mirrors have indicators you are required by law to purchase mirrors with indicators.

Check out the latest video for Clearview Mirrors with Dave and Macca from What’s Up Downunder who paid us a visit at the Melbourne Supershow!!>>>>>>https://youtu.be/SyJVMQoVlsw

clearview mirror

They’re a larger set of side mirrors on a sturdy extension slide, which can be pulled out when towing, and pushed back when not required. (Display of chrome and black below) The mirrors are 95mm wider than your standard mirrors.  The mirrors in the slide out position are 205mm wider than your standard mirrors.

clear view mirrors

Electrically operated, they bolt onto your car exactly the same position as your existing mirrors, using our current bolts and electrical plugs.

Life’s easier with no straps, no brackets, and no extra mirrors to store. For looks, comfort and confidence when towing, think Clearview.

Please note:  A 10% cancellation fee will apply if order is cancelled after leaving the warehouse.

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